There’s an alternative to teacher layoffs, school program cuts, reduced government services and higher taxes:  Fix Pensions First!

Billions can be saved by aligning public employee retirement benefits with those provided by large private employers.  Benefits for retirees don’t have to be cut, and government employees can keep the benefits they’ve earned, but public employees should contribute to their retirement plans like the rest of us.

As lawmakers struggle to close huge state and local budget deficits, they have laid off teachers, police officers and firefighters.   Transportation and other important projects have been put on the shelf.  Programs for the sick, elderly, disabled, have been eliminated.
California’s public pension plans carry unfunded liabilities of $700 billion.  If nothing is done, it will only get worse.

Fix Pensions First!

Stand with Fix Pensions First and sign this petition by filling out the form below. We must fight together to save the Golden State from financial ruin.