Orange County Great Park finance manager Kurt Mowery retired in December, but that doesn’t mean he stopped working. The very next month he was rehired, part-time to the very same job.

And now the Great Park board — essentially the Irvine City Council plus four — is thinking about giving Mowery a no-bid contract for up to $198,400 to stay next fiscal year. That’s on top of the $133,882 pension he receives from the California Public Employees’ Retirement System.

Overall, Mowery would get $332,282 a year in retirement and pay – more than his total compensation of $209,761 during his last year as an Irvine employee. Mowery  is one of the latest entries to the controversial world of double-dipping — a practice that has increasingly come under fire as generous government pensions encourage employees to retire earlier, while continuing  to work.

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