TODAY, RIGHT now, you have the ability to search and review an itemized database of $76,281,544,074.74 in state and local government spending from the years 2008 through 2010, and that number will grow throughout the year as we add more governmental entities from not just the greater Bay Area but all of California.

That’s a large and impressive number, but the question I hear most is: Why should I care?

Above all there’s one primary reason that people usually don’t even consider:

You no longer have to believe what anyone tells you about the important subject of public-employee compensation. You have the tools to do your own fact checking of anyone’s claims….

You deserve to know how the money you send to your government is spent. You deserve a clear and complete picture of how your government operates. You deserve to be a well-informed citizen and voter without having to send out more than 500 requests yourself.

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